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The latest class craze to hit the uk, a longstanding idea or just plain common sense? Whatever your opinion on mirror tv's you cant deny that even if you have a stunning flat screen tv it doesn't look amazing amongst the finer of interiors. Truely technology such as flatscreen televisions, tft, plasma, lcd are all great improvements on old style tv's, but they still tend to stand out.

Hidden technology, themed televisions is not a new idea, however when it was originally done it was based around huge tv's - now with modern flatscreen tellys you can truly get some amazing mirror tv's which will both impress as gadgets but also improve your home incredibly.

Finding the Best, Cheapest and most talked about Mirror Tv's to the UK!

Mirror TVs

Cheapest Mirror TV's or Biggest?

There has been a lot of talk recently about which is more important - economy or size. Perhaps you might say this has been an eternal debate since man had cognitive power. But when it comes to tv's which is better - avoiding the credit crunch and getting a small lcd tv? or splashing out on a huge 50inch mirror tv? We have done both here at tv mirror .co.uk but we still don't know. Especially as now you can buy tv's in every size from 19inch through to 100inch plasma tv's.

One undeniable thing though, at least we would like to believe it here is that televisions regardless of size should be affordable and mirror based where possible! It just makes the room so much more if your 42" samsung is mirrored, so when you walk in it appears just as a conceptual modern mirror would, strait edged and simple - until you hit the tv remote and then you can see fantastic flat screen telly through the invisible mirror!

What do you think? Miravision, magic mirror tv or just plain cheap flatscreen television?

Top 10 Flat Screen Tv's 2008

2008 has been the year of the flat screen television. Until this year flat screens have been seen mostly in computer lcd format and although adorning occasional costly walls they never really made it into the mainstream. But with 08 came a whole wave of new hd freeview ready flat screen lcd tft plasma televisions, and with a sea of sizes it soon became almost a drag trying to get a solid deal and quite often you would see a tv dropped in price a week after you purchased one. We go back over the years televisions and rate the top 10 flat screen televisions of 2008!

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